VD23: Neuroscience Principles For Branding Your Business

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What do branding and neuroscience have in common?
A lot more than you imagine. Take a minute to think about the last thing you recently purchased. Why did you buy coffee this morning?
We usually purchase to either make us feel better, empowered or be more productive. In short, psychological emotions are what urges us to buy.

Meet Neuromarketing, the science of understanding what drives customers decisions by studying consumers’ cognitive response to marketing stimuli. So how can neuromarketing research help your business branding?

In today’s episode, I provide “Neuroscientific Tactics for Effectively Branding Your Business” and share some of the ideas conveyed in Jonah Berger’s Contagious book.

Emotions build bonds not dry facts. Jonah Berger, in his book “Contagious” provides a great example in how Google was able to resonate in people’s mind by tapping into their emotional side with their “Parisian Love” Super Bowl ad. The ad tells a love story by featuring phrases entered in the search bar. It starts with “study abroad in Paris” and ends with “you are very cute, translate”. The clip established an emotional hook making their customers even more excited about their brand. They wouldn’t have received the same type of engagement if they had focused on the technology, functionality, and speed of their search engine.

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So, the lesson here, is to distinguish your business by tapping into the emotional core of your customers. How can you get to it? Jonah Berger recommends asking, “Why is it important” three times.

For example, why is Google important? Because, people can find information they want quickly.
Why is it important? Because, they can find answers to what they are looking for.
Why is it important? Because, it helps them connect with people or organizations, achieve their goals, fulfill their dreams.

Once, you understand your customer’s emotional motivation for buying your product, you can craft Ads and brand messaging that will more deeply resonate with your audience.

Here is how you can create an emotional bond:

1) Imagery: Image is Everything, design, color, photography, typography combined create a subliminal message which transmit your message effectively. Think about emotions you want to resonate with your design. If you brand is inspirational, include softer ethereal images with nature backdrops for example. Create a mood board by collecting images throughout the web. I love browsing through Inspiration Grid, or We Heart It to get those creative juices flowing. Read my previous post on finding inspiration >>

2) Tell a Story: People love anecdotes. By nature, we are storytellers. Per the Google example above; stories engage us; they connect us to one another. Stories awaken visceral emotions within us and help us better understand the world around us. A good story is told by combining effective copywriting and imagery, make sure the two put together achieve the specific goals you are aiming for.

3) Surprise your customers: Transform the mundane into a mystery.
Create a product / experience that will capture the attention and mind of your customers. I can’t help but refer to Seth Godin’s, Purple Cow book here. Today’s consumers easily glaze over and discriminate content. A memorable brand knows how to alter the day-to-day into a magical experience. $100 cheesesteak, at Barclay’s Prime, as referred in Noah Berger’s book is more likely to capture your attention than a regular cheesesteak. Apple is another great example of successfully turning the mundane into a magical experience. They have mastered the art of turning a banal product launch into a spectacle.

Branding is your opportunity to establish a lasting impression. Break down the psychology behind each of your customer’s purchase. Understand what makes them tick. Once, you have tapped into that information channel it within your brand’s copy, imagery, and overall brand story.


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