VD24: Perfection can be your worst enemy

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Do you have a project you really want to see come to fruition but have a hard time getting started? Are you struggling with making it unique?
How can you reconcile your creative vision with the execution? I am all too familiar with those internal debates. They can be paralyzing.

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In this video, I share my personal journey as an entrepreneur as I reflect on my current achievement of reaching over 17,000 views after just a few months.

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I have wanted to have a YouTube channel for over four years, (yes, seriously). I started experimenting with youtube as early as 2006. I created a few stunts with friends around New York City (I dare you to find them). I knew I wanted to share my business and technology knowledge on youtube but didn’t know how. I wanted my videos to be unique. They needed to be exactly like my creative vision. I was aiming for perfection. As a result, for four years, I could never get myself to start.

This year, finally something clicked. I stopped caring. I told myself the hell with perfection. I took my newly purchased GoPro camera (highly recommend you get yourself one if you are thinking about video blogging) and filmed. I thought to myself: “hey, let’s just see where it goes, if it sucks then who cares!.” I realized that being a perfectionist was holding me back. I also cared too much about being judged. I must say creating weekly youtube videos and putting myself out there is a little nerve racking. But I had to leave my ego at the curb and just move forward.

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Whatever ideas you’ve been dreaming about, just start them. You will never know where they will lead you.

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