EP#27: What affiliate marketing can do for you w Thomas Van Der Kleij, Tapfiliate founder



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Affiliate Marketing has been around for some time now and yet continues to get a bad rep. Many businesses shy away from setting up such programs when it can open a healthy revenue stream without much hassle.

Affiliate Marketing is a performance-based-marketing in which a business rewards affiliates based on how many customers they bring.
Many fashion bloggers include affiliate links by inviting you to purchasing a product they are wearing for instance.
There is real power in affiliate marketing, because it incentivizes your faithful customers to help bring traffic to your site with the only cost being commission. Bringing consistent traffic to your site can be extremely costly. Customers are increasingly skeptical and trust more the opinions of their peers versus brands. But that’s a separate topic; I encourage you to explore in The Global Influencer Podcast Ep#18 – where we discuss the importance of referral traffic, listen here >>

In this podcast, Thomas Van Der Kleij , the founder of Tapfiliate, breaks down myths behind affiliate marketing.
Tapfiliate is a cloud based affiliate software enabling businesses to instantaneously set-up, track and analyze their affiliate programs.
A solution to building your marketing army, if you will.

Thomas Van Der Kleij created Tapfiliate after experiencing how difficult it was for brands to set-up affiliate programs. Thomas successfully grew his two prior businesses with the help of affiliate marketing. So I was interested in learning from him about recommendations he could provide on how to capitalize from affiliate marketing.

In today’s overly saturated online marketing sphere, customers rely on friends, family, and influencers recommendations to make their purchasing decisions. Affiliate marketing allows you to connect with these reputable sources whom your audiences trust and ask them to promote your business. Setting up a successful affiliate marketing program does require some planning. Thomas urges business owner to tune-in to their demographic. You must understand your audiences likes and dislikes in order to identify key content creators that can help you bring systematic, organic business. Set-up a hit list based on those results. Additionally, be prepared to offer 10% to 20% commission based on the blogger’s notoriety. The following should be negotiated on a case per case.

Listen to this podcast to learn best practices on affiliate marketing:

– Find out how you can get started
– Discover tactics you can leverage to set-up a successful affiliate network
– Learn from businesses successfully using this marketing method
– Learn how to track how much business your affiliates are bringing in

Some resources:

Learn about affiliate theft 

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