EP#29: The Art of Building Buzz w. Kristina Helb


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Building buzz is pivotal for the health of any business. Getting accredited press builds trust, boosts traffic, increases SEO and ultimately generates more sales. Pitching the right story at the right time, to the proper publication can decide whether or not your story will get published. The bigger the publication, the harder it is to catch their attention.
Building buzz is a real art: patience, good storytelling, PR etiquette are all key.

In this podcast, I invited a good friend of mine, Kristina Helb, founder of KMH Public Relations guide us through the art of building buzz. Kristina Helb has more than ten years of public relations and corporate communications experience. She has worked for brands like Estée Lauder, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Verizon Wireless and USA Networks to name a few. Kristina founded KMH Public Relations to help start-up fashion brands get the exposure they deserve.

I was interested in hearing from Kristina how businesses can prepare themselves to build buzz for their brand and whether or not they should rely on press wires. Kristina encourages brands to have a six months to one-year marketing plan in place before starting their PR initiative. Brands must be able to roll-out different products / collections every season to pitch constant fresh content to publications. Otherwise, it will be more difficult to keep the press interested. There are only so many times a specific product can be presented to a reporter before it is considered spamming. Planning ahead will help set your business apart and prepare your PR initiative accordingly.

Kristina provides other useful tips in this podcast; you will learn:

  • How to build a winning PR strategy
  • Guidelines to creating newsworthy content
  • PR etiquette do’s and don’t
  • Best practices to get on a reporter’s radar


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