My Webinar on How To Make Your Brand Internet Famous

Thanks so much to everyone who joined my “Internet Famous” webinar yesterday presented by Accion New York. Special thanks to Accion for for hosting the event.

I realized that I tried to fit a lot of information into 1 hour so I hope you were able to take away some valuable tips.  In a nutshell these are some key things to keep in mind to be successful with social media:

1. Research where your targeted demographic spends time (which blogs are they reading, which Facebook Fan pages are they following etc…).

2. Be consistent; this is easy to achieve by having an editorial calendar in place and creating content in advance.

3. Be unique and create content that is not widely available (example: restaurants and web radio stations).

4. Share rich media content and make it available on various platforms like Instagram, Flickr, YouTube, and Vimeo.

5. Make sure you start conversations instead of just spamming your message.

6. Consider partnerships as a way to expand your business in the future.

7. Make sure everything you do drives traffic back to either your Facebook Page or Website.

If you missed out on the webinar, here’s the link to it on Slideshare



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