Tips To Turning Your E-commerce International Traffic Into Buyers

international-shoppers-trust-guarantee | Image Source

E-commerce retailers struggling with abandoned shopping carts may be overlooking a very important aspect in online shopping: trust. Many international shoppers will be more hesitant to make an e-commerce purchase if they don’t know your product and don’t trust you as a brand yet. This is especially true for first-time buyers.

So what’s the best way for e-commerce retailers to establish trust with a new potential customer? Set up a guarantee. Remove the risk on the consumer by offering free return shipping, that way if the product isn’t what they expected they know they can send it back. You can also give customers a short time period to try the product with no risk.

When setting up your guarantee be sure to be very clear about what exactly is being guaranteed.  Does your money-back guarantee cover shipping and handling or other fees? Or does it only cover the product. The customer needs to know what they can expect should they need to send the product back for any reason.

So your task as an e-commerce retailer is simple:

  • Come up with the strongest guarantee you can afford to make.
  • Make it bigger than any other guarantee in your industry, as proof that you believe your product is better.
  • Be creative. Look for anything that creates buyer resistance and craft a guarantee that removes risk.
  • Stand behind your promises.

Use these steps to build trust and I think  you’ll start to see a lot more clicks on the purchase button.

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