EP#12: Black Milk Clothing’s Quest For Global Invasion



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Black Milk Clothing was founded in 2009 by James Lillis with just a Tumblr blog “TooManyTights” and a thirst to revolutionize the clothing industry.

James Lillis bought a sewing machine, picked fabrics at local markets and started experimenting from his home in Brisbane, Australia. He used Tumblr as testing forum, by posting his legging designs and asking for feedback. Black Milk Clothing bonded with their audience by including them in the creative process. Within a few months, Black Milk Clothing built a community around their blog and opened their e-commerce store in 2010. Black Milk Clothing his now a multi-million dollar company selling globally.

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Building an e-commerce business is at everyone’s reach and Cameron Parker will explain how.

Black Milk Clothing was able to differentiate themselves with their niche brand, unique design and early technology adoption. Deciding to go online from the onset, enabled them to put Brisbane, Australia in the Fashion map. Their marketing strategy consists of providing cheeky content, having one on one discussions with their customers, and not being afraid to encourage inactive customers to unsubscribe.

With a slogan like “Give me nylon or give me death” and 920K followers on Instagram, Black Milk Clothing knows how to engage w. their audience.

Black Milk Clothing adopted early on hashtags by including pics of their customers wearing their leggings within their e-commerce site. Cameron highly recommends up and coming brands to integrate this feature within their site  >>  watch my past Instagram episode to learn which apps you can use to implement following feature.

In this podcast, Cameron will provide:
– tips on best ways to get your online business started
– recommendations on best ways to build an audience from scratch
– social media best practices
– wise words on how to keep your customers happy

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