How To Choose A Social Media Platform For Your Business

Business owners often struggle on deciding which social media platform will yield the best return of investment for their brand.

To help with your decision making process, Shopify published a study which outlines platforms with highest conversion rates. Vimeo, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram hold the best potential for e-commerce fashion brands. Users from these platforms are more likely to purchase.

Additionally, Polyvore, a social network that was discussed in my previous Staying Competitive article, is often overlooked when it comes to social media. These users actually spend more on average around $66 per purchase. Users on Polyvore are clearly more eager to make bigger purchases.

The Shopify infographic goes into detail about each social network. It highlights the products that tend to do well on the platforms, which can give businesses some insight on where to invest their time. Jewelry brands, for example, should spend their time on Pinterest, Instagram, Polyvore, and Facebook. Apparel brands may yield better results on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Polyvore.

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