Facebook Stores: Your Very Own Social Media Pop-Up Shop

For a lot of small companies figuring out different ways to get their product out there can become a challenge.  I always recommend that start-up brands and even more established companies should have their own Facebook Store.

Why Facebook retail? Because the statistics are so strong in your favor.  Facebook users spend an average of a half hour DAILY on Facebook. That’s more than any other website, and even more then some other social media platforms combined.  It only makes sense to have your product accessible from where your potential customers spend most of their time.

You could even consider a Facebook store as your very own pop-up shop. It’ll becomes just another outlet to get people aware of your brand and eventually to buy your product.  Another thing to keep in mind is that people are more likely to click on a Facebook link than on an outside link, and a Facebook store gives them the ease of being able to shop right from where they spend most of their time online.

Here are some great apps you can use for you template Facebook Store:

STOREFRONT: http://storefrontsocial.com;


SAM / Social Application Marketing;



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One comment

  • Mia Perry October 19, 2011  

    Thanks for sharing!
    I recommend StoreYa, I launched on my Facebook business page a store using StoreYa about a month ago, they offer a great product, amazing customer service, and it’s Free!